Legal services

Legal Department at Kyiv Audit Group deals with economic and legal support for business performance of enterprises, establishments, and organizations.

All members of staff have higher education and considerable experience of work at entities of various forms of ownership and industries.

Our working languages are Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Legal Department offers a composite solution of legal issues by the lawyers who possess profound theoretic knowledge, as well as significant practical skill and experience in the area of economic, civil, tax, financial, corporate copyright, labour and other fields of the law.

It is:

and many other aspects.

Our advantages

We are different from other legal firms because we examine the processes going on in course of business performance from the legal, accounting, business, and, tax points of view. We combine, integrate processes taking place within an entity, to find an optimum decision, and help our Clients perform better; pay attention to their necessities; forecast the probable consequences, and accordingly develop our approach to solution of an issue. Multiple nature of knowledge and experience of our specialists will make our Clients confident about successful implementation of their plans and projects, as well as assuredness in protection of their legal rights and business interests.

We offer a complex of legal consulting services and various options for co-operation: from subscribed maintenance to solution of issued as they arise.

The main advantage of the offered approach is availability of complex support for our Clients, which is guaranteed by firm’s accumulated experience in the field of legal support, auditing services, management consulting, automation of accounting, tax and management accounting.