Registration, reorganization

At present day, there are a great number of organization-legal forms for subjects of entrepreneurial activity to

achieve their goals. Moreover, Ukrainian legislation foresees some kinds of activity which require obtaining a special permission.

Registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises, obtaining of license and patents foresees following a special order during the preparation of correspondent documents.

We offer you the following types of services that can help you to save your time and effort:

  • Preparation of statutory documents;
  • Legal address search assistance;
  • Registration of all kinds of business societies, private companies, loan unions, associations, corporations, corporate groups, consortiums, funds, etc.;
  • Branches and representative offices registration;
  • Company reorganization, as merging, affiliation, separation, split-off and transformation;
  • Business entities liquidation process monitoring;
  • Removal from the State Registrar;
  • Getting documents prepared for archiving and recycling. Safekeeping of documents;
  • Liquidation Balance Sheet confirmation.

Liquidation Process Services

Removing legal entities and individuals form the Registrar:

  • Drawing up required documents;
  • Submission of documents to all State authorities.

Documents Archiving

Documents value expertise:

  • Preparation of Description;
  • Preparation of Certificate of destruction;
  • Preparation of Certificates of Temporary and Permanent Safekeeping.

Registration of Financial Institutions

Filling application with the State Registry.

Registration services:

  • Public joint stock company (PJSC);
  • Private joint stock company (PrJSC);
  • Limited liability company (LLC);
  • Private establishment (PE);
  • Natural persons-entrepreneurs;
  • Foreign Representative Offices (RO);
  • Subsidiary and affiliated company;
  • Changes in statutory documents.

Services for non-residents (natural persons) on obtaining of:

  • The taxpayer’s tax number;
  • Employment permit;
  • Certificate for temporary stay in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Residence permit.

Registration and appraisal of vehicles

Registration of vehicles and obtaining of a code in the State Traffic Inspection and the Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office (including multicoloured numbers).