Building and technical expertise

Construction experts may participate both in supervision and inspection of separate stages of construction (upon need of investor or customer).

Construction and Technical Expertise

The main goals of construction and technical expertise are:

1. To assess market value of immovable property;

2. To confirm compliance (non-compliance) of constructed or reconstructed buildings with requirements of state construction standards;

3. To determine cost of construction work type (construction of buildings, their re-equipment, repairs, landscaping);

4. To confirm compliance of design and estimation documents with requirements of state construction standards (hereinafter referred to as the SCS) and other state standards for construction industry;

5. To examine correctness of Acts on performed work (compliance with requirements of regulatory documents);

6. To develop options for houses and outdoor buildings division into aliquot parts, to prepare proposals on re-equipment of objects, as well as to assess money compensation after division in kind;

7. To develop options for usage of land plots with buildings owned by the citizens on the basis of common property rights;

8. To identify technical condition of buildings, structures and engineering equipment;

9. To assess land plots.

List of issues that are solved during the construction and technical expertise:

  • What is market value of immovable property?
  • Whether the building (re-constructed building) complies with project and requirements of the SCS? If it does not, what is not in compliance with the SCS.
  • What is the cost of construction work (re-equipment, re-construction, repairs, etc.)?
  • Estimation of damage caused to immovable property due to flood, fire, etc.
  • Compliance of work performed with work specified in reporting documents.
  • Scope of construction work performed and its cost.
  • If bearing capacity provides safe building usage.
  • Are there options for homestead area usage in accordance with aliquot parts of each household.
  • What is market value of household shares after division?
  • Whether object meets technical rules, whether it is not in emergency condition.
  • What is the technical reason of emergency at this object?
  • What is the market value of the land plot?

Technical Due Diligence involves examination of cost estimation, project and technical documentation. When preparation of building documentation, it is accepted to pay special attention to examination of engineering project draft.

Services on conduction of technical and construction Due Diligenсe include:

  • evaluation of quality of building and construction works (BCW);
  • analysis of budget according to regulatory norms and prices;
  • analysis of BCW calculations;

evaluation of defects and losses.