Legal services

The compliance of your company activity with current laws is a basic foundation for the company existence and a necessary component for its future. Only in case of due preparation of documentation and skillful protection of your interests with the law enforcement bodies one can talk about a successful business.

Consulting Ltd will secure your rights in relations with counteragents and the State authorities by highly qualified personnel and continually updated legal data base.

Legal protection includes:

  • Oral and written consultations on wide-range of branches of law;
  • Analysis of prevailing laws and draft laws with submission of written recommendations;
  • Drawing up contractual documentation;
  • Interests representation at courts of general jurisdiction, economic courts, courts of arbitration and law enforcement bodies;
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • Drafting complaints and other procedural documentation;
  • Drawing up current company documents.

Consulting – providing oral and written consultations on legal issues. It might also include providing legal conclusions, clarifications and/or background information on Ukrainian law.

Drawing up documents – development of drafts of contacts, protocols of discrepancies, claims, letters of complaint, petitions, set of documents required for company registration, re-registration and liquidation, as well as, a number of other legal documents.

Representing your interests at courts of general jurisdiction, as well as, in the system of economic and administrative courts and the State institutions. Additionally, we offer you assistance in resolving matters related to court proceeding, participation in negotiations with counteragents, appealing actions of tax and other authorities.

End-to-end servicing envisages signing a contract on rendering services based on monthly payments with fixation of an accomplished work amount.